Long Erik
02 June 2021
Ten Excursion Pearls

Nordspetsen, northern Öland

What makes an excursion really successful? Do you sometimes feel a bit stressed that the holiday feels short and you want to get as much done as possible? In addition, everyone in the holiday party should feel satisfied. An equation that is not always easy to solve. Regardless of what you want to do most of all, we can promise that the excursions we recommend will provide memories for a lifetime.


On the promontory opposite Långe Erik lies Trollskogen, an old coniferous forest characterized by grazing that really lives up to its name. The narrow crooked paths lead you where blunt oaks and windswept pines spread out. Deep in the forest hides the old Trolleken, which is believed to be close to 900 years old.

Naturum Trollskogen

Experience exhibitions for the whole family in the newly built nature center, where the boundaries between outside and inside blur. Here the whole family can learn more about Öland's geology, vegetation, animals and history.

Long Erik lighthouse

There has been a lighthouse at Öland's northern cape and large base since the 1600th century. The current lighthouse, Långe Erik, was built in 1844-1845. It is 32 meters high and built of limestone. During parts of the summer, it is possible to go into the lighthouse and up to the balcony where you are greeted by a magnificent view.

Neptuni Fields

The place was named after the Roman sea god Neptune by Carl von Linné in 1741 during his trip to Öland. On the almost completely vegetation-free cobblestone beach walls, blue fire blooms during the summer.

Trouser hook

This coastal community is a popular summertime destination. Along the promenade in the harbor are the former fishing sheds side by side which today house restaurants and shops. It creates a genuine pedestrian street next to the quayside where the holiday boats dock. During the summer months, the Öland line MS Solsund runs Kalmarsund between Byxelkrok and Oskarshamn. From here you can also make day trips by boat to the island of Blue Virgin in summer.

Blue Virgin

The mythical island of the Blue Virgin, which is one of Sweden's 30 national parks, is located in the Kalmar Sound between Oskarshamn and Öland. Here there are wind-swept pines, lush deciduous forest and impressive granite cliffs, polished by the sea into exciting shapes. The highest point on the island, 86 meters above sea level, can be reached by a hiking trail. The trail is about 3,3 km and takes about an hour at a leisurely pace. There are several exciting places to visit along the hiking trail, for example two caves, the "Church" and the "Jungfrukammaren". In several places around the island's shores you can see traces of the quarrying that took place before the island became a national park.


The very special and beautiful Hagskogsvägen winds its way along the coast from Byxelkrok and south. Along the way there are a number of nice rest areas, including at Tokenäs lighthouse, with a fantastic view of Kalmarsund and Blå Jungfrun. After a few kilometers the road turns 90 degrees into the forest and the landscape changes completely. Here you are met by nail-straight roads that run through Bödaskogen's lingonberry- and blueberry-rich landscape.

Hike the Troll Forest
Discover on foot

Starting at the Trollskogen naturum, there are three different color-marked hiking loops in a fairytale setting, adapted for both young and old. The 2,7 km trail is adapted for prams and the 1 km trail is accessible.

Cycle northern Öland
Cycle route

Långe Erik, 38 km: Långe Erik - Byrum - Grankullavik.

Hike in the Troll Forest
Tips for the kids

Go on an adventure in the Trollskogen and look for small insects and play among the magical trees.