Böda bay Sandstrand
02 June 2021
Ten Excursion Pearls

Böda, northern Öland

What makes an excursion really successful? Do you sometimes feel a bit stressed that the holiday feels short and you want to get as much done as possible? In addition, everyone in the holiday party should feel satisfied. An equation that is not always easy to solve. Regardless of what you want to do most of all, we can promise that the excursions we recommend will provide memories for a lifetime.


Böda parish is one of Öland's largest parishes and stretches from the community of Böda all the way up to the northernmost tip of Öland. In the village there is a cafe, summer shops and a grocery store.

Fine port

Here you can take part in a small cozy guest harbour. In the past, Böda harbor was an important and large fishing port. Today, it is mainly a popular destination with a restaurant, pub and pitches. Take a trip out on the jetty and smell the sea.

Böda bay

The swimming areas Fagerör, Homrevet, Lyckesand and Böda Sand together make up Böda Bay. The nearly two-mile-long sandy beach has also been called Öland's Riviera and is one of Sweden's most popular beaches. There are many visitors, but along the long stretch of beach there is plenty of room for everyone. Even the white sand is not in danger of drying out thanks to the northerly current that constantly replenishes the bay with white sand. The area above the beach is best experienced along trails and paths that take you through the pine landscape with an almost magical feeling.

Ecopark Böda

Welcome to a diverse eco-park with lime-rich meadow forests and a diversity of orchids, barren sand dunes with storm-twisted pines and fertile leafy groves. Within the area, which stretches from Böda to the northern cape, there are several hiking and cycling trails.

Shaft marsh

The area around Skäftekärr is very rich in ancient remains. Among other things, there are the remains of a grand man's farm from the Iron Age, which was reconstructed and completed in 1999. In summer, catering and guided tours are offered in connection with the old hunter's residence from the 1860s. The fossil exhibition in the museum next door is open during high summer. Take a walk in the park that surrounds the farm. There is an arboretum with around 140 exotic tree species.


Rosendal is located a couple of kilometers north of Skäftekärr and is Öland's best-preserved Iron Age village, with a total of 14 house foundations and enclosure walls that are over a meter high. Rosendal was abandoned 1300 years ago, and when the village was rediscovered in the 1980s, the excavation leader called the area "an agrarian Pompeii", unparalleled in all of Europe. There are also three contemporary burial grounds around the village.

Gravel road on Öland
Discover on foot

The linden reserve is considered one of Öland's finest nature reserves. Follow a marked hiking loop and enjoy broadleaf forests, pine forests, open pastures, elms, marshes and hay meadows rich in herbs. Here you can experience large stands of linden trees, which is unusual, floral splendor and the traces of old Iron Age villages. The reserve is located 2 km east of Byxelkrok. Follow directions nature reserve, Lindreservatet.

Cycle northern Öland
Cycle route

Ekoparksleden, 39 km: On the Ekoparksleden's winding paths and straight log roads, you cycle along the coastal road with its magnificent views. Across the island from coast to coast. Cycle the entire trail or choose a slightly shorter distance. 

Picking berries on Öland
Tips for the kids

In summer, if it's not too dry, there are plenty of blueberries in Bödaskogen. Bring a jar and pick together. During autumn, instead, lingonberries can be found here. Bring a coffee basket and enjoy the silence of the forest. A visit to one of the bathing spots in Böda Bay - always a wonderful excursion.