Long Jan in Ottenby
02 June 2021
Ten Excursion Pearls

Södra udden, southern Öland

In southern Öland, we are met by many beautiful places, not least Ottenby, Eketorpsborg, Grönhögen and Öland's southernmost village, Näsby. Take your time and drive down to southern Öland to experience nature and the wings of history. 


The road down towards the southern tip, with the Långe Jan lighthouse in sight, is one of the most spectacular on Öland. For parts of the year, the roads here are lined with grazing cows and sheep. At the southern tip of Öland, which is one of Sweden's best birding areas, is the nature reserve Ottenby. Bird watchers from all over the world gather here every year to watch the migratory birds that arrive or leave the country. At the site, research has been conducted on the birds since the 1940s. Many birds are ringed here, which provides valuable knowledge about how populations develop and how climate change affects them.


The Schäfer meadows

When you walk across the Schäferi meadows, you might think you've arrived on the African savannah. It is one of Northern Europe's largest hay meadows and also consists of extensive pastures with interesting geological formations. It is forbidden to enter here during the spring and summer, but you can always walk along the marked path, the Ängsvaktarstigen, which goes from the grove to a viewpoint near the beach. There are more nice accessible hiking opportunities in the area.


Fyrbyn & Naturum Ottenby

At the lighthouse village, next to the lighthouse, there is a bookstore and a small lighthouse museum. At the lighthouse there is also a restaurant and Ottenby bird station. On the rocks outside the eastern shore, harbor seals often lie and sunbathe. Naturum Ottenby is located in the middle of the lighthouse village. There is free entry to the interesting exhibition about migratory birds and many guided tours are also offered here for visitors.


Long Jan lighthouse

Långe Jan, which was lit for the first time in 1785, is one of Sweden's oldest lighthouses. With its 42 meters, it is also Sweden's tallest lighthouse. The name Långe Jan comes from the medieval chapel of St. John. When the chapel was demolished, the stone was used to build the lighthouse. A stone cross, west of the road between Långe Jan and Ottenby kungsgård, marks the site of the former chapel. In summer, the lighthouse is open to visitors. Up here from the southern tip of Öland, the view is magnificent.


Eketorp castle

Eketorp's castle has been used in three different periods from AD 300 to AD 1. and is today the country's only fully investigated and reconstructed ancient castle. The layout of the castle, with residential buildings in the middle and economic buildings along the wall, was common among Öland's ancient castles. The castle is an interesting destination with a variety of activities for both young and old. Read more about Eketorps Borg. 


Öland's southernmost community is charming Grönhögen, where the harbor with, among other things, a cafe, and the large Dutch windmill up in the village dominate. The mill came to Grönhögen in 1916. After World War II, when wind-driven mills became obsolete, the mill was used as a fire station before being renovated into a restaurant in the late 1970s.