Sunset Kapelludden
02 June 2021
Ten Excursion Pearls

Northeast side

What makes an excursion really successful? Do you sometimes feel a bit stressed that the holiday feels short and you want to get as much done as possible? In addition, everyone in the holiday party should feel satisfied. An equation that is not always easy to solve. Regardless of what you want to do most of all, we can promise that the excursions we recommend will provide memories for a lifetime.

Source old church

The church, which today is called Källa gamla kyrka or Källa ödekyrka, began to be built in the 1200th century and is today a well-preserved church ruin. Source old church is unusual because it was originally built in two floors for defense purposes. The ground floor was used as a church, on the second floor food was stored and on the top floor there were portholes for defense.

Source port

Källa hamn was Öland's most important port for trade from the 1600th century to the turn of the century 1900. The shipping of stone from Öland originally took place from Böda hamn and Källa hamn on the eastern side. When Sandvik's harbour, on the west coast, was built, Källa's harbor declined in importance. At the beginning of the 1900th century, it began to be used to a greater extent as a fishing port.

Södra Greda leafy meadows

Södra Greda is one of the few hay meadows left on Öland. It is a popular place with rich floral splendor during spring and early summer. Among other things, orchids, sundews and mayflowers grow here. On a fine spring day, Evert Taube's words from the song Änglamark fit in well with Södra Greda's leafy meadows. Also follow the path out towards the lake grounds. Here are the remains of an extensive settlement from the Iron Age.


Kårehamn is a quiet fishing port on the east coast of northern Öland. In the harbor there is a fish shop with an associated restaurant and nearby there is a cozy little swimming area. In the vicinity of Kårehamn, a little inland, is the Petgärde marsh, a nature reserve with rich birdlife.

Kapelludden, Bredsättra

About four kilometers east of the church in the village of Bredsättra is Kapelludden. Kapelludden is a popular excursion destination, with its fishing huts, ancient remains and rich bird life.

St. Brita's/St. Birgitta's chapel

The chapel, which is now a ruin, was built sometime during the 1200th century. It is not known which saint was the titular saint of the chapel from the beginning. One theory is that when Saint Birgitta died in Rome in 1373, her remains must have been brought ashore at Kapelludden and then traveled on to Vadstena. Saint Birgitta became the chapel's patron saint at the end of the 1400th century.

The stone cross

Between the chapel and the beach is a stone cross, roughly three meters high, with clover-shaped cross ends. There is a hole in one side of the center of the cross where a sacrificial pouch hung. The cross was probably erected at the same time as the chapel, in the 1200th century.

Kapelludden lighthouse

At the far end of the headland is Kapelluddens lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1871-1872 according to drawings by AT Gellerstedt. The lighthouse is of the so-called "Heidenstam type", an open pillar tower made of iron, 32 meters high and with a lantern.