the Öland flavors

Here you will find farm shops with local produce, cafes and restaurants with modern concepts, classic home cooking, bakeries with goodies to fill the picnic basket with, micro-format breweries and wineries and other producers and refiners who let us partake of the flavors of Öland! 
Dog at Borgholm Castle
coffee together with the dog
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Food from Eksgården
vegan on the menu
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Fish at Matbaren i Parken, Borgholm
Flavors of the sea
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Elise at sunset
Eat with a sea view
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Ekerum Resort Öland Restaurant
Öland in the white guide
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Horns Kustväg with a view of Blå Jungfrun
coffee with a sea view
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Milk at Bondbönan on Öland
Öland Drinks
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Sandvik - ice cream
Ice cream & sweets round
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Body cakes with lingonberries, cream and butter
taste body cookies
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Flavors - Restaurant Den Lille in Borgholm
popular restaurants
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experience the flavors of Öland

Öland offers events for all ages and tastes. Join us on a food tour on the Alvaret or perhaps along the stone coast. Experience tastes, feel smells and immerse yourself in the culinary Öland. 

Hotel Borgholm - gastronomy

food package with overnight stay


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Discover the culinary world on Öland by booking a food and accommodation package.

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Milk at Bondbönan on Öland

Öland drinks 

You probably knew that Öland has a tradition of cultivation, agriculture and plant breeding. But perhaps you are not fully aware that there are also several beverage producers here? 

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food & beverage producers

Agriculture and its production have characterized Öland and the islands since time immemorial. Interest in locally produced food is growing and on Öland the producers are keeping up with the trend. Farm shops, joiners, farm dairies and processors take care of raw materials and offer a wide range of high quality.

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Barbecue at dusk

cook outdoors!

Cooking food over an open fire is something very special and creates memories that we carry with us throughout our lives. Here we would therefore like to recommend some of the island's landscaped barbecue areas. The barbecue areas are open to everyone and cannot be booked in advance. Of course, you put out the fire and clean up after yourself when you leave so that it is just as cozy for the next visitor.

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