02 June 2021
Ten Excursion Pearls

Borgholm, central Öland

What makes an excursion really successful? Do you sometimes feel a bit stressed that the holiday feels short and you want to get as much done as possible? In addition, everyone in the holiday party should feel satisfied. An equation that is not always easy to solve. Regardless of what you want to do most of all, we can promise that the excursions we recommend will provide memories for a lifetime.

Hotel Borgholm Restaurant
Cycling in Borgholm


An excursion in Borgholm offers both city, forest, elves, castle and sea. Start your tour along Strandvägen at the cold bath house next to the harbour. Here you pass the palatial villas of the seaside resort before the road continues inside the Castle Forest along the coast. Next to Strandvägen is the Borgholm lighthouse and the bomb crater from the Second World War. Follow the signs up towards Kaffetorpet and Solliden. The castle park is open to visitors May-September. The tour then continues via Alvaret to Borgholm Castle. Take the opportunity to look out over Kalmarsund from here. The castle is open to visitors from April to September. Then return to Borgholm via the Wardrobe Stairs and through the Castle Forest.

The city's range of niche and personal shops together with cozy cafes and high-class restaurants mean that Borgholm is well visited for large parts of the year. The harbor is easily accessible with several quays and here the berths are well filled in summer. There are several bathing spots in the center, such as Kapelludden and Sjöstugan. The cold bath house in the harbor is open during the summer and the bath house at Kapelludden is open all year round.

Borgholm's history as a popular bathing and health resort started as early as 1864. It was the Öland air that was considered particularly beneficial. Guests flocked from all over Sweden, often via one of the boats that operated between Borgholm and Stockholm. In connection with the opening of the Öland Bridge in 1972, tourism on Öland practically exploded. Borgholm has since then been a well-visited summer town, where activities, concerts and events replace each other, such as the celebration of Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on 14 July.

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Borgholm Castle

Welcome to the most beautiful ruin in the Nordics, as the castle has been called, dates back to the 1100th century and was, until the Peace of Roskilde in 1658, an important strategically placed defense facility. Wander around the castle grounds and feel the beat of history. Borgholm Castle has been teeming with people throughout the centuries. Enjoy the fantastic view of the castle salver and Kalmarsund one step up.

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Sollidens Castle

Solliden Castle has been the Royal Family's summer paradise for generations. When you visit the castle park, you will soon understand why, here lushness and greenery are combined with winding passages and exciting stories. 

When you walk through the gate to Solliden's castle park, you are met by a very special environment that invites you to stroll and explore. The park surrounds the Royal Family's summer palace and was established over a hundred years ago by the then Queen Victoria.

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Bust of Queen Victoria

In 1938, King Gustav V had a bust erected in memory of his wife, Queen Victoria, on the grounds south of Borgholm Castle. The bust is nearly six meters high and made of granite.


Charles XV's Hunting Stone

Hunting has been carried out on Öland as a royal hobby since the time of the Vasa kings. The hunting stone and cairn were erected in 1873 to commemorate the three hunts organized by King Charles XV. Röset is located at Borgholm Castle's parking lot.


Queen Victoria's Rest Home

In 1922, Queen Victoria bought the former manor building for Borgholm's royal court and two years later the first guests arrived. The beautiful park garden was laid out in the middle of the 1800th century.


Nightingale Path

Between the hunting stone and the rest home, a beautiful path winds along the Landsborg slope. After a few minutes' walk, you will be met by Öland's first holiday home, Vita villan, from 1862.