Helena Elm - Penåsa Rest Area
08 May 2021

Barbecue sites on Öland

Going on an excursion to discover new places is always cozy and also cooking food over an open fire is something very special and creates memories that we carry with us throughout our lives. Meeting family and friends outdoors with plenty of space is not only pleasant but also a safe way to socialize. Here we would therefore like to recommend some of the island's landscaped barbecue areas. The barbecue areas are open to everyone and cannot be booked in advance. Of course, you must put out the fire and clean up after yourself when you leave so that it is just as cozy for the next visitor. Read more about making a fire in nature here!


Northern Öland

Trollskogen, Neptuni Camping, Byxelkrok's harbour, Lekplatsen i Löttorp and Sandvik's harbour

Central Öland

Klintabadet, Dovreviken, Mountainebike path in Borgholm, Sjöstugan by the outer harbor in Borgholm, Stora Rörs harbor, Borgmästarviken, Gunnarstorp rest area, Gråborg, Jordtorpsåsen, Möllstorp dam, Tveta Friluftsområde, Färjestadens damme, Telebacken and Färjeparken.


Southern Öland

Karlevi Mo, Hjulbo rest area, Kleva barbecue area, Mörbylånga barbecue area, Klovenhall rest area, Penåsa rest area, Skärlöv rest area, Seby rest area and Seby location, Eketorps castle and Grönhögen beach.