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If the children are happy, the adults are happy. An epithet that most parents apply during the holidays. On Öland it is easy to make the children happy and it is easy to do sunny, fun things together. Do your children love to play and discover? New, nice playgrounds and activity tracks with challenges for both young and old can be found in the larger urban areas. On Öland, it is always close to a unique nature experience or a historical attraction, something that is usually appreciated especially by children who do not like to spend their holidays in the back seat of the car. It's really only your own sense of adventure that can limit you. On Öland you can meet camel herders, glassblowers, caramel makers, lighthouse keepers, wreck divers and kings and princesses. Here is the adventure! 


10 Öland play tips!

There are many natural playgrounds on Öland. Go on a journey of discovery in the landscape and experience both elves, forest, rocks, rakes and flower meadows.

1. Count windmills

There are 352 windmills around the island in many different designs. How many can you get together?

2. The Enchanted Forest

Experience the narrow winding paths where blunt oaks and windswept pines spread out. Deep in the forest hides the old Trolleken, which is believed to be close to 900 years old.

3. Boxcar Land

Here, it is the children who drive cars with real engines in a built-up miniature city and with roads that go through the landscape.

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