Portrait - Julius Winberg Sääf
November 16 2021

Julius Winberg Sääf, who is interested in culture and sports, gives tips on his donut places

Julius Winberg Sääf, 39 years old, lives in Lerkaka in eastern Öland, shares here his five favorite places in Öland. In addition to being a culturally and sports-interested family man with three children and his wife Anna, Julius is operations manager at Öland's Museum Himmelsberga. After several years of Småland exile in Stockholm, Julius and Anna are from Växjö from the beginning, they finally found their dream home. A farm built in 1863. The shipment thus went to Öland and more precisely the picturesque village of Lerkaka, best known for its row of mills.

Below you will find Julius' tips.

Ismanstorp Castle


Ismantorp castle

The island's most magical place? One of them anyway – Midland's cultural heritage and natural environment in one place, and atmosphere all year round. If you're lucky, the cabin is open and you can get coffee and valuable information.

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Bergstigen, Degerhamn

Unbelievably beautiful trail through an exciting natural and cultural landscape. Old mill environment is a personal favorite. We rarely went to Southwestern Öland when I was younger, so it's something I've discovered more since we moved here.

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Kapelludden lighthouse


Kapelludden, Bredsättra

If you want to feel the Baltic Sea and also have the right atmosphere around it, it's a perfect place - best on an autumn or spring day, but with the right jacket on.

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Villagatan in Borgholm

There are many beautiful buildings on Öland, but here are a handful of them in the same place. Perfect to be able to walk further into the Castle Forest.

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Port of Jordhamn


Stenkusten, Gillberga to Sandvik.

There has been a lot of discussion about the traffic and parking here, but driving this road slowly on a beautiful day is a fantastic experience, and here too you are moving in a landscape strongly marked by the island's history.

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