Jonathan Rudman
November 22 2021

Islander in exile Jonathan Rudman tips his favorite places to visit when he returns home

Jonathan Rudman, an exiled islander interested in sports and entrepreneurship, is 30 years old, lives in Stockholm and has a strong love for his Öland. In 2012, Jonathan became the business creator of the year and was then awarded a study place at the prestigious school - Stockholm School of Economics. With the place of study, the moving load went from Jonathan's Ferry City to the royal capital. After completing his studies, Jonathan started his own company. A company he ran for several years until he decided it was time for a new challenge. He now works as CEO at Emax Sweden. Below he shares his absolute favorite places on Öland. Come along! 

The harbor in Färjestaden


The port of Ferrystaden

Is there a better place on Öland than the harbor in Färjestaden? I do not think so. At Hasse's grill you will find good ice cream and pleasant conversation - world class. ÖlandsChoklad has chocolate that was served at Nobel dinners. At the neighbor Seasalt Kitchen you will find good food and a wonderful atmosphere. Since summertime there is local entertainment and historical objects such as Kalmarsund VIII. Add to that that a dip is only a few meters away and it's a perfect full day. In addition, the visit will be even better by taking the ferry Dessi to Kalmar and back. I suggest to "tour" the trip and enjoy Kalmarsund's sun, wind and water.



Hike on Alvaret

I prioritize it far too rarely. A hike on the Alvaret without an end goal and with reflection is balm for a soul that is used to a fast pace. Take the first step and see where it takes you. Enjoy the silence, the air and the adjustments that need to be made as you are joined by cattle that preserve nature for the future. Reflect on who you are, who you want to be and how you can become the best version of yourself. If you want to take on a challenge, I recommend going coast to coast. The feeling of ending the round with a swim in the Baltic Sea is indescribable.




It is possible to get a feeling of being abroad on your home holiday on Öland. Take the 101 north and get off at Köpingsvik. Put on the beach slippers and soak up the Mediterranean feeling. A long jetty leads you out to a top-class after beach where you create magical summer memories in the sun. Humble and development-focused entrepreneurship with top-class service, gives you an evening to remember when we visit Sinus Restaurant. Here we eat good food and get entertainment in true Mallis spirit. Still sleeping? Then my tip is a Villavan!


The aimless journey

Öland is full of gems, stories, experiences and unexpected conversations for which it is impossible to have a plan. Car, bus, bike, inline or walking doesn't matter. Going out with the goal of stopping a little here and there gives something different. That flea market with a road sign contains not only potential finds but also stories about Öland. At the restaurant you stop at, young people from Öland work. The pensioner at the library is probably an Ölänning and wants to tell you how it used to be, etc. The situations are many. Take the opportunity to really get to know Öland by asking questions about Öland and people you meet.

Association life

Football pitches. Looking back, there was an Öland sports association in almost every parish. I am especially happy when I note that many remain. If it is at Arnevallen, Högby IP, windy Alunvallen or for me personally connected, Grövle IP and Färjehallen. Enhance your visit to Öland by looking past the so important and fantastic association life. Feel the core of an organ that binds Öland together. Do you also want to tag in a little extra on Instagram? Head to San Siro on the east side (Yes, the facility is actually called that. Same as Inter and Milan's arena in Italy). and take a selfie with the most faithful audience there is (the cows in the field next door).

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