Portrait - Stefan Ahlgren
20 September 2021

Stefan Ahlgren, who is interested in culture and vintage cars, shares his gems

About Stefan.

Stefan Ahlgren is a 55-year-old true Islander, who previously worked as a destination developer at Öland's Tourism Organization. Today, Stefan works as a business developer at Eketorp Castle - Sweden's only fully investigated ancient castle.

When Stefan is not working, he likes to train (he completed an Ironman in 2019 despite three kidney transplants), drive a vintage car, hike in nature or just hang out with his family where his partner, dog Allan, children and grandchildren are. Below you will be able to take part in Stefan's Öland pearls.

Troll Forest/Trouser hook


Öland has the privilege of having two fantastic visitor destinations at each end of Öland, which are also open from early spring to late autumn. In addition to its newly built Naturum Trollskogen, Trollskogen at the northernmost tip has absolutely fantastic hiking trails that are lined by the wind-torn and twisted pines that gave the place its name. The area is also full of exciting history. Nearby is the wonderful Böda Bay with its kilometer-long sandy beach, and to the west are both the Långe Erik lighthouse, the cobblestone field; Neptuni fields and the picturesque community of Byxelkrok.

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King round in Borgholm


In few, if any places in Sweden, you can see the royal presence as clearly as in Borgholm. A nice round starts at Sollidens Slott. After a visit to the beautiful park, the journey continues through the Castle Forest/Borga Hage, to the Wardrobe Stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs, you are met by the memorial stone after King Karl XVI's hunts on Öland. Keep to the left and enter Näktergallsstigen, which in the spring bursts with life, not least nightingales. After a few hundred meters you arrive at Queen Victoria's hotel and rest home. Perfect stop for a lunch or coffee. Opposite the rest home, which was formerly the stable building of the Royal Stables, the newly renovated barns from the Royal Stables are still there. Continue up Kungsgårdsbacken and right next to the exit towards Borgholm Castle is the Vasahuset, the first manor building of the Kungsladugården (later converted into warehouses), where Gustaf Vasa resided during his visits to Borgholm. Now you see the most beautiful ruin in the Nordics a few hundred meters in front of you. Both Magnus Ladulås and his son Valdemar Magnusson are said to have lived here in the 1200th century. Johan III had the castle rebuilt into a Renaissance castle. It got its current appearance in baroque style from Karl X Gustav in the 1600th century. After a visit there, you head back towards Solliden. On the right, next to the parking lot, you see the bust of Queen Victoria, our king's great-grandmother and Solliden's founder.

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Dröstorp's elves

Dröstorp Ödeby

Business that Stefan recommends nearby: Gårdby cafe

At the end of the road that goes through the village of Skarpa Alby, there is a parking lot. The beautiful road, which winds its way northwards, splits after about one kilometre. If you turn left, after a couple of hundred meters you will come to Prästgropen and another few hundred meters Torrör, which is hidden among the hazel bushes. If you keep right instead, the road continues towards the rune stone Björnflisan and the deserted village of Dröstorp.

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Sunset Sandbergen

Companies that Stefan recommends nearby: Stora Frögården, Strandnära

Öland's answer to the white cliffs of Dover. The wind steals more and more land from the coastline between Haga Park and the scout valley as the wind hollows out the sandy ground. Follow the path along the shore and listen to the waves and the rustle of the pine trees. At the northern end, there is Haga Park, the paradise for windsurfers and kite surfers, and in the south, Öland's longest cobblestone beach, with perfect "throwing rocks".

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South of the wall incl. Näsby

Hiking seriously

Companies that Stefan recommends nearby: Carlas Café, Galleri Tinnert, Naturum Ottenby, Naturbokhandeln branch, Resturang Fågel Blå

Not only is Näsby Öland's longest village, it is also very picturesque. At the end of the village is Karl X Gustaf's wall, which runs across Öland. A little further south, right next to the road towards the southern cape, is the beautiful and well-kept Ottenby royal estate. The road down to the southern cape and Sweden's highest lighthouse Långe Jan is absolutely magical. In summer, the sheep and cattle go free and everyone else has to wait for them. On the way, you pass both exciting hiking trails and graveyards. Naturum Ottenby, crowded together with Naturbokhandeln and restaurant Fågel Blå, right next to the lighthouse. All four are worth a visit.

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