Borgholm's history as a popular bathing and health resort started as early as 1864. It was the Öland air that was considered particularly beneficial. Guests flocked from all over Sweden, often via one of the boats that operated between Borgholm and Stockholm. In connection with the opening of the Öland Bridge in 1972, tourism on Öland practically exploded. Borgholm has since then been a well-visited summer town, where activities, concerts and events replace each other, such as the celebration of Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on 14 July.


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The city's range of niche and personal shops together with cozy cafes and high-class restaurants mean that Borgholm is well visited for large parts of the year. The harbor is easily accessible with several quays and here the berths are well filled in summer. There are several bathing spots in the center, such as Kapelludden and Sjöstugan. The cold bath house in the harbor is open during the summer and the bath house at Kapelludden is open all year round.

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The adventure tour

Central Öland - 23km

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Borgholm Castle
Borgholm's castle tour

Borgholm, central Öland 3,6 km

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Borgholm - skate park

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Borgholm is the small town with a large selection! Here you can easily spend a full day in town with shopping, good food and walks in cozy neighborhoods. The city center is alive all year round with unique shops and personal service where you as a customer are the focus. Furnishings, clothes and shoes coexist with second hand, furniture and gift shops. There is something here for all tastes and budgets. Welcome to a shopping spree in beautiful and cozy Borgholm!

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