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If your business offers something to Öland's visitors, for example accommodation, restaurant, activity, flea market, then your business can have the opportunity to appear on completely free of charge. Welcome to send in a request and we will help you with publication on Please attach the following in the email to us:


For example, the name of the business


Selling, inspiring and short text about the business. We want them to click through to your business's channel as soon as possible to get more information about, for example, opening hours and the possibility to book.


Phone number and email that visitors can reach you at.


Street address, postal code and postal address.


During which months are you open? List the months from January to December in 2023 that you are open.
We understand that the situation and your conditions can change. But we start from what you know today. If your opening hours change, contact us and we will also update on our channels. 


Attach at least one image, preferably in landscape format as it will look best on the page. Not a logo, but choose a nice and inviting image from your business.


Send with link to web. If you have Facebook and/or Instagram, send a link to these as well (not account name but link, for example 

have you updated your opening hours in your channels?

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to update the opening hours in the channels and above all on Google My Business. The majority of your potential visitors are satisfied with the information found on Google without clicking through to your website. Which means that the information about your business on Google must be current. Take the chance to increase the chances of more customer visits free of charge! 

If your business is closed, it is at least as important to update the information that it is closed. After all, we don't want visitors to jerk at a closed door and thus have a bad experience.

And remember to write when you open again. "See you in the summer" is not good enough, our potential visitors want to know when you open again to be able to plan their days off in the future! If you haven't set a date yet, you probably know what week or month you will open again - write it down!