Thanks to the different farming landscape, the whole of southern Öland has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. The island's geographical location, the limestone bedrock and the mild climate, together with human influence, have created these conditions. The Mörbylångaleden, which is one of the Swedish Tourist Association's twelve signature trails, runs through the rugged and beautiful world heritage site. Experience the entire trail from Färjestaden down to Ottenby or select a favorite part.

Mörbylångaleden - Stage 1

Öland Tourist Office - Skogsby
18 kilometers, 6–7 hours of hiking

On this stage, you get to experience the Kalmar Sound and the Öland Bridge as well as the outskirts of Färjestaden. Continue across open countryside past the villages of Björnhovda, Arontorp and Kåtorp, find sites for ancient gold treasures. Experience the lush Mittlandsskogen, northern Europe's largest contiguous hardwood forest area. Lenstad next, a well-preserved row village which is the last outpost to Stora alvaret and on to Kalkstad, an angled row village. Along stone walls and over beautiful meadows, you continue to the stage's final destination - Station Linné.

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Mörbylångaleden - Stage 2

Skogsby - Mörbylånga
12 kilometers, 4–5 hours of hiking

Accompanied by fantastic views, this stage takes you along the coast to Mörbylånga. You pass through the leafy, bird-rich Vickleby Forest and continue along the Kalmar Sound past Haga Park. You follow the beautiful, steep sand cliff south past Klevabadet. After another lush forest section and a few slopes, you can see Mörbylånga. There is a rest and barbecue area near the community.

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Mörbylångaleden - Stage 3

Mörbylånga - Kastlösa
20 kilometers, 7–8 hours of hiking

You walk through central Mörbylånga and then steer towards Risinge village and Risingehamn. Here, an unbeatable view of the beach meadows and Kalmar Sound awaits. You then arrive at Klovenhall's rest area, which is right next to the beach. Here there is a toilet, wind shelter, barbecue area and information board. Then continue along Risinge's lovely beach to turn off over the fields that take you via the leafy village street into Kastlösa.

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Mörbylångaleden - Stage 4

Kastlösa - Seby Location
22 kilometers, 7–8 hours of hiking

You come out over the vast Alvar expanses with a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea. The Mörbylångaleden continues south on the partly straight embankment, which can be a little uneven depending on left railway sleepers, wear and tear by animals, weather and wind. Here there is a stretch with a number of artworks placed, called Skulpturleden. You then arrive at the end of the stage, Seby location, where there is a toilet and barbecue area. Along this stretch there is a very popular resting place at Penåsa. There are barbecue areas and shelters for overnight stays. From Penåsa, you can also take other hiking trails across Alvaret.

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Mörbylångaleden - Stage 5

Seby Location - Ottenby
12 kilometers, 4–5 hours of hiking

You cross the unique lake grounds to Gräsgård's harbour. After crossing the country road, you continue on the village street through Gammalsby and into the next village, Mellstaby. After a bit on the old railway embankment, you pass Eketorp Castle. You follow the village street in Enetri with the beautiful view over the lake lands and the Baltic Sea to the terraced village of Näsby, which is divided by the 4 meter long Karl X Gustavs Wall. You then arrive at the Mörbylångaleden's final destination, Ottenby Hostel. HRH Crown Princess Victoria hiked this stage during her 611 Öland landscape hike. Take the opportunity to visit Eketorps Borg, a uniquely preserved Iron Age village. From Ottenby hostel you can make your way through Ottenbylunden and down to Öland's southern cape and Långe Jan.

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