Discover southern Öland

In the south you encounter the large cultivated landscapes, fertile soils, a patchwork of fields with varying crops, but also the barren Alvar. The vast expanses can make anyone enthralled and the tranquility is like balm for the soul. No wonder that southern Öland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hub is the town of Färjestaden at the bridge anchorage. Köpingen Mörbylånga is just a few miles to the south and the classic working town offers services, hotels and restaurants. When you've left the urban environment behind you, you can look out over the expanses of nature, follow the eastern coastal road through fishing villages and discover bathing spots, farm shops, restaurants and local artisans. Southern Öland is also well known for its rich bird life. Maybe it's the nature, the inviting coastline that looks inviting after a long flight from North Africa. Or the birds thrive in the calmer pace that prevails here. 

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