Stora Rör Guest Port

Stora rör is a quiet, wind-protected marina located between Färjestaden and Borgholm on the west side of Öland. The guest harbor is run by Stora Rör's boat company and offers 15 guest berths.

Electricity and water are available. Also mud suction for emptying the black water tank. Toilets are open 5 hours a day in the service building opposite the bakery. For paying boat and car guests, there are 3 toilets and XNUMX showers as well as a sauna in the newly renovated harbor warehouse. Payment is made to Hamnvärden or paid to Swish. Visit website for more information.

Operated by: Stora Rörs boat company
Address: Stora Rörsvägen 47
Payment: Card or Swish to the host
Toilets: 2, of which 1 is adapted for the disabled
Showers: 1
Wi-Fi: No
Laundry room: Yes
Latrine emptying: No
Greywater discharge: No
Slip: No
Launch ramp: Yes

Port facts:

Guest seats: 15
Small boats:
Fee: Link
Harbor depth: 2-3,5 meters
Position: 5645 N , 1632 E
Chart: 912 SE
Electricity: Yes
Mooring: Buoy