Stora Frögården

Stora Frögården

Whether you want to relax with something refreshing in our lovely courtyard or eat a full dinner, we are there for you.

When we planned the future of our restaurant in the fall of 2018, we asked ourselves what is the best thing in the world. The answer was pizza.

"But there are so many pizzerias, how can we compete?"

"We must make the best pizza, the way they make it in Italy and the way people want to go to Stora Frö to eat! It's not more difficult than that"

Said and done. In the spring of 2019, the majestic wood-burning oven was built, raw materials were tested and doughs were fermented. Everything so that we can deliver the best flavors and the best experience for you as a guest with us. In the years that have passed since then, we have worked with techniques and developed flavor combinations, both local from the island and traditional from the Mediterranean, which make our pizza today the craft we dreamed of in 2018.

More than pizza
We are a restaurant that can offer more than just pizza!

Does fast food have to be a semi-finished product made without passion and love? Obviously not! We at Stora Frögården take fast food seriously and whatever you choose from the menu, we have selected ingredients with care and we try to make as much as we can from scratch ourselves!

"This is how we want it and we hope you want it too"