The Svensson family sit expectantly the direct bus Silverline from Stockholm for a long-awaited vacation on the island of the sun and winds. They go over the travel plans one last time before it's time for a lunch break. They want to experience as much as they can in just one week and have therefore planned many different stops. The largest part of the transport takes place by bicycle in order to have as little climate impact as possible.

The Silver Line is expected to arrive in Kalmar at 15:40. There, a short walk to the port where the ferry awaits Dessi will take the family to Färjestaden and Öland. Once in Färjestaden, they make their way to the historic bicycle shop to pick up their rental bicycles. Now the adventure really begins. The goal is to cycle from Färjestaden via small roads up to cozy Stora Rör, which is stage 1 for Svenssons.

After about an hour of cycling, they reach Stora Rör and the charming and French-inspired Grandma's Pensionat Strandhagen, where the first night is booked. Before it's bedtime, the family ends the day with an evening swim while the sun sets on the horizon. Day two begins with a quiet breakfast with freshly baked bread straight from the house Grandma's Stone Oven Bakery and Coffee House in the beautiful harbor before continuing north.

Öland's only city, Borgholm is the destination for day 2. Spontaneous stops for experiences and bathing are to be enjoyed and accommodation is booked at Beach Hotel, which is located right on the edge of Kalmarsund. After a day full of exploring and visiting Borgholm's and Solliden's castle blah, it's time for food again. This time on Hotel Borgholm, which is located just a few hundred meters from the Strand hotel and was awarded a Michelin star in 2021. Now the family is full, satisfied and delighted by the good food and ready to go to bed.

Day three they direct the bikes towards Kustvägen and Äleklinta for wonderful cycling towards Sandvik on perhaps Sweden's most beautiful road. In Sandvik, eat ice cream and just enjoy the rest of the day by the beautiful beach. Guesthouse Haga stands for accommodation on this day.

Day four is the goal to visit Hornsjön, Byrums Raukar and eat hamburgers Kalk in Löttorp. The night is to be spent on Skäftekärr's beautiful hotel. Where they also take the opportunity to visit Skäfteskärr's Iron Age village.

Day five will be another short cycle ride Boda Sand where the mile-long beach awaits. Two nights are booked at the campsite before it is time to hang the bikes on the Länstrafikbussen and go towards Färjestaden to return the rental bikes. The Silver Line takes the family from Färjestaden all the way to the City Terminal in Stockholm, where they are expected to arrive at 14:45.