Parking place - Sandvik harbour

Sandvik is an old community that in recent years has seen interesting new buildings in the former stone industry area.

With a guest harbour, a nice parking lot, a nice beach, one of the world's largest mills and good service, Sandvik is a popular tourist destination with a lot of hustle and bustle in the summertime.

The coastline here is sometimes called the Stenkusten. It is barren and rocky with extensive alvar lands, traces of quarrying and sparse buildings.

Opening hours March-October (Double check with the harbor master)

Number of seats: 25
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Toilet: 6 pcs. one of which is adapted for the disabled
Shower: 5 pcs. one of which is adapted for the disabled
Emptying latrine cassette: Yes
Emptying latrine fixed tanks: Yes
Gray water discharge: Yes
Garbage bin: Yes, waste sorting
Wifi: Yes
Washing machine: Yes
Tourist information: Yes