Stall site - Neptuni Fields

If you want to enjoy Neptuni Åkrar, the pitch here is for you.
Neptuni fields are a widespread cobblestone field along the coast north of Byxelkrok in Böda parish on Öland. A nature reserve with a colorful sea of ​​blooming Blåeld. Immediately after the rock slope stretches an area of ​​large limestone quarries.
Byxelkrok's guest harbour, which offers cozy fishing huts with food and shopping, is just a stone's throw away.
You can find it at - Neptunivägen Byxelkrok 3km north of the harbour

Opening hours All year round (double check with the indicated contact person for more info).

Number of seats: 23
Water: No
Electricity: No
Toilet: No
Shower: No
Emptying latrine cassette: No
Emptying latrine fixed tanks: No
Drainage of gray water: No
Dustbin: Yes
Wi-Fi: No
Washing machine: No
Tourist Information: No