Stall - The Lamb & The Pig

Lammet & Grisen offers Ställplats for those who want to enjoy good, well-prepared food and good drinks in world class. Lammet och Grisen på Öland offers a unique concept, created by the restaurateur family in 1969.

Unable to book. "First come first served. Caravans and tents must be parked on the grass field to the left before the car park. Motorhomes drive through the parking lot and keep to the left where there are 12-14 parking spaces. There is no electricity. You stand completely free for one night. The restaurant's toilets are on the outside of the pub and are kept open all night. At the front of the restaurant you will also find a tap for cans and bottles, but not for the entire water tank. There are bins - so you can leave the place as nice as you found it.

Number of seats: 15
Water: Yes
Electricity: No
Toilet: Yes
Shower: No
Emptying latrine cassette: No
Emptying latrine fixed tanks: No
Drainage of gray water: No
Dustbin: No
Wi-Fi: No
Washing machine: No
Tourist Information: No