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  • May 18
  • Mittlandsgården
  • Fr. 280

Forest bath Mittlandsskogen

Skogsbad i Mittlandeskogen is a slow journey of discovery of nature in Midtlandet. Under the green roof of leaves there is a whole world of color and fragrance. Let go of the demands and treat yourself to an undemanding moment in the forest.

Forest bathing in Mittlandsskogen is a way to experience the forest's invitations. The calm pace with a focus on the sensual impressions and nature can provide an experience out of the ordinary. Where nature's scents, colors and sounds offer endless possibilities. With open minds and curiosity, the stay in the forest can become a source of strength. Therefore, a forest bath can be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Practical information
We move slowly within a limited area. Wear comfortable clothing that will keep you reasonably warm and dry. It is especially important in early spring and autumn. The surface is flat, but in wet weather it is good to have shoes that can withstand wetness and keep the feet dry. Feel free to stock up on stock. Bring something to sit or lie on and a mug, because I offer something to drink. The activity takes place outdoors. Gathering at Mittlandsgården for joint departure towards the forest.

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Book for guaranteed place. For more information contact Caroline on 073-708 86 32 or [email protected]. You can experience Mittlandsgården in many different ways - here are 2024's experiences!

In the time of the nightingale
2024-05-18 at 17 – 20
2024-06-06 at 17 – 20

Voices from participants

"A whole new world has opened up for me - thanks for the loan of the magnifying glass!" Christina
"What an experience to sit by the pond and breathe. To breathe together with the movements of the water" Anders
"For me, who is up by the forest, this forest bath in Mittlandskogen was a fitting start. I will be happy to join in more forest baths again. Lotta

About the guide
Caroline Kindblom Landtmanson, trained biologist, certified nature guide, island guide and certified forest bathing guide, guides. Caroline has a special interest in the cultural landscape and the Öland forest. She has solid knowledge of nature and the landscape and presents it in an easy and pleasant way. A hike together with Caroline provides many aha experiences and memories to take home. Each guided tour is unique and adapted to the participants, regardless of age, interests and prior knowledge.

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18 May 17:00 - 20: 00
6 June 17:00 - 20: 00


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