Shaft marsh
Shaft marsh
Shaft marsh

Shaft marsh

In Skäftekärr, you can learn more about life during the Iron Age, have a coffee or lunch in the café, wander around the beautiful park with hundreds of exotic trees or experience Öland's early life and history in the fossil museum.

Skäftekarr Archaeological Open Air Museum
In the archaeological open-air museum, history comes to life. Here there is a built-up Iron Age landscape with meadow areas, farm streets and a longhouse you can enter and sit for a while by the fire. There is a play embankment with challenges for the whole family. Guided tours are included in the entrance fee. Opening hours see website

Skäftekarr Fossil and Stone Museum
See genuine Öland and foreign fossils as well as objects from around 25 countries. An inspiring overview of Öland and the exciting development of life from "prehistoric times to the ice age". The museum is based on private collections over 40 years of genuine fossils, meteorites, crystals, stones, odd objects and constructed models, and boards with easy-to-understand texts in Swedish and English.
Learn more about Öland's more than 500-million-year-old history of "Rock Flounders, Öland's Spikes and Crystal Apples" as an astonished Linné called these "petrifications" (fossils) on his trip to Öland in 1741.
Opening hours see website

Skäftekärr Café, Hotel and Conference
Sit out in the garden or on our lovely terrace and enjoy a cup of coffee and a crunchy waffle or ice cream. Or why not a lunch with salad, pie or pizza and a glass of wine? The raw materials are as local as possible. Opening hours see website
Welcome to family-friendly Skäftekärr, a gem in northern Öland!