In the mood for shopping? On Öland there are lots of nice and cozy shops to visit! Furnishings, clothes, shoes, jewelery and furniture are combined with self-made candles, yarn and vintage. Take a full day in town in Borgholm where the range is the greatest or go on a shopping spree and visit shops in different parts of the island.

the business, the ferry town

Antique and second hand mixed with newly produced furnishings and women's fashion.

alséns, oblivion

Self-made ceramics in a timeless design for home and garden.

shop like new, ferry town

Second hand and vintage for women and children of fine quality and in good condition.

Danielsson's, Borgholm

Classic shops with branded clothing for both men and women.

the craft in Borgholm

Gift shop with interior design, handicrafts, coffee/tea, blankets and gifts.

the Kalm taste

Products from the world heritage Södra Öland Cultivation Landscape. Oils, vinegar, salt & sugar and much more.

Lavender, Borgholm

Clothing store with women's clothing of various brands.

the lamb store in apple room

lambskin, plaids, woolen yarn and food stall.

lotta & mary, the ferry town

Ceramics workshop with a large variety of ceramics.

the paradise workshop, the ferry town

art objects, beautiful things for the set table, home or garden.

lize's interior, Eriksøre

Shop in a cozy environment with furnishings and gadgets.

flea market - shop - Öland
wide museum - shop
möbleri mittbrodts, Borgholm

Stylish interior design shop and furniture workshop with production of quality furniture.

nature store, stenåsa & ottenby

The Nordic region's largest retailer of nature literature and binoculars, with a wide range for those interested in nature.

ribes leather

Leather products manufactured in ribe's leather workshop on Öland.

the jewelery box, Borgholm

Vintage shop with beautiful old jewellery, clothes and accessories from a bygone era.

sun & winds, the ferry town

Women's shop with a wide selection of garments for women in mid-life, which also has larger sizes.

stick & burn, castless

Small-scale candle foundry that manufactures candles from Swedish wax.

wool center in Löttorp

Clothes, slippers and other products made from sheep's wool from Öland.

vic & mic interior, solder

Furnishings store with handpicked assortment

flea market

Bargaining at flea markets is fun and also a perfect holiday activity. Öland is the ultimate place for flea markets, and here there are flea markets in every village. Look out for hand-carved signs at the side of the road for spontaneous bargains or plan a whole round of different favorite flea markets. Opening hours may vary, so check in advance before heading out on your tour.

all kinds of things, oblivion
cliw flea market, algutsrum
eufemia's used & new, rønnerum
hanna's secondhand, upper Sandby
högenäs antique & flea market, source
high-rise retro & curio flea market-retro, woodworm
majas finloppis, ismantorp
matilda's magazine, dörby
the gadget garage, oblivion
Red Cross, Borgholm
the retro shop, s:a möckleby
retro flea market & curio, set
silk, stone, wood, antique, woodworm