bicycle tours

Perhaps Sweden's most beautiful coastal road, long straight country roads and shorter cycling tours with proximity to ice cream, swimming and outstanding lookouts. Here you enjoy nature at your own pace and according to your conditions. Pack the bike with you the next time you come - or jump on the bike and pedal here. Or why not rent a bike from someone on the island bike rental?

Capellagården's shop
The cultural tour

Southern Öland - 9,1 km

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Drone image over Borgholm
The adventure tour

Central Öland - 23km

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Cycling Neptuni fields
The Neptune Trail

Northern Öland - 14.8 km

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Family eating ice cream in Färjestaden
The ferry town around

Southern Öland - 6,9 km

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body cookies
The body cookie adventure - southern Öland
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Bläsinge harbor - cycle tour
The farm star

Southern Öland - 31,6 km

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earth harbor cycling
Southern stone coast tour

Northern Öland - 22 km

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Borgholm Castle
Borgholm Castle Tour

Central Öland - 3,6 km

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Eketorps Castle
The Fornborg round

South Öland 19,6 km

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Sunset Byrum's raukar
Northern stone coast tour

Northern Öland - 22,2 km

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Camels - Snake-eyed
The camel round

Northern Öland - 22,7 km

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Mörbylånga - the sand cliff
Icy Surf round

Southern Öland - 8 km

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Two girls riding bicycles on a dirt road
Öland church safari

Southern Öland - 86.4 km

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Sunset in Djupvik
The deep-sea round

Northern Öland - 17 km

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The harbor in Stora Rör
Big Pipe Turn

Central Öland 10,8 km

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cycling at morbylanga
The World Heritage Tour

Southern Öland - 51.5 km

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