Quick and easy flight to Öland

Kalmar Öland Airport

On the mainland side, about 5 km west of the Öland Bridge, is Kalmar Öland Airport, the region's airport. There are daily regular connections from both Stockholm Arlanda (SAS) and Stockholm Bromma (BRA). Starting in September 2021, you can also fly here directly from Frankfurt in Germany (Lufthansa). For questions upon arrival, please contact the airport's Information.

The city bus to nearby Kalmar central station, from where Kalmar Länstrafik's buses to Öland depart, passes Kalmar Öland Airport every twenty minutes. The major rental car companies are also represented at the airport. At almarolandairport.se you can read more about departures, arrivals and other practical information.

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Airports on Öland

On Öland we have three airports, Borglanda in Borgholm, Mellanlanda in Sanvik and Ölanda ii Byxelkrok in the far north.