Tobogganing in Resmobacken
Feb 10 2024

toboggan runs on Öland

Believe it or not, even the Öland landscape hides its secrets. Between the wide fields and the windswept coasts hide small hills and gentle slopes - perfect for a really fun sled ride!

We list slopes from north to south:
  • Byrumsbackarna, just north of the rauks, inside the forest you will find several smaller slopes. Watch out for all the trees though!
  • Äleklinta, steep hill (or actually a dirt road) at the beginning of Äleklinta. This is the slope for those who like full speed. Just be careful not to end up in the Kalmar Strait!
  • The playground in Rosenfors (Borgholm) has a smaller slope for the smaller children.
  • Kaffetorpet Solliden
  • Köpingsvik, slope for the smaller children. You can find the slope behind Köpings school.
  • Sandgårdsborgsbacken in the middle of Gårdby
  • Telebacken in Färjestaden
  • Resmobacken by the parking lot with the mill.
  • Grönhögen, popular hill in southern Öland.