publish your package on

Many visitors request packages and at we offer the island's businesses to publish their packages to create visibility and more opportunities for purchase.

in order for your package to be visible on, it needs: 

  • take place on Öland 

  • consist of accommodation for at least one night  

  • consist of at least one meal of food or coffee 

  • consist of an experience that makes up at least 20% of the total value (see some examples at the bottom of the page) 

  • be bookable online, via your website or another partner of yours 

  • there must be at least one image and summary text that reflects the experience 

  • information about what is promised, price, contact details for you, as well as rules for cancellation 

your business must: 

  • be registered in Sweden 

  • take responsibility for fulfilling Swedish laws and regulations 

  • guarantee your booked guests security, the possibility of cancellation according to your terms and reasonable compensation if what was promised in the offer is not delivered

  • guarantee that the information you send in about your package is correct and notify Öland's tourism organization as soon as possible if anything needs to be corrected

  • take Öland's conditions into account by maximizing the positive impact on the location, as well as minimizing the negative impact that the business or the offer can bring. E.g. by counteracting excessive wear and tear in sensitive nature, littering, waste of water or other stress on the environment.  


In the case of cooperation with several actors, it is the business that provides the booking that is responsible. If the booking is made with an external party, it is the business that sent the package to us that is ultimately responsible. 

Seriously - hike
Hotel Skansen - guests

some examples of which offers may appear as packages and not on 

is approved
  • accommodation, guide and a meal or coffee

  • accommodation, bike rental, bike map, finished bike route and food or coffee

  • accommodation with equipment and guide/coach for activities such as cycling, hiking, horse riding, yoga, surfing, padel, golf, climbing, fishing etc., as well as food or coffee 

  • accommodation and larger dining experience that makes up at least 20% of the total value, e.g. tasting menu, course or other activity with a focus on cooking

  • accommodation and skills-enhancing content, e.g. lecture or course of a maximum of 7 days, focused on experiences within e.g. Öland's history, nature or culture, as well as food or coffee

is not approved
  • guided tour with coffee (no accommodation) 

  • event ticket with dinner (no accommodation)  

  • accommodation and breakfast (missing experience that constitutes at least 20% of the total value) 

  • accommodation and bike rental (missing food or coffee and experience that constitutes at least 20% of the total value) 

  • accommodation, food and skills-enhancing content such as a course in Excel, project management, leadership or the like (the content is not linked to experiences within Öland's history, nature or culture)

Click through to the form and submit your package and we will publish it on the web. Remember to contact us in the event of changes to your offer.