Jul 02 2021

Influencer Johanna Bladh tips about her Öland pearls

You don't have to go abroad to experience magical sunsets and incredible food. Öland is a mecca for those who want to discover new places and food sensations, but who don't want to go abroad. Within the island's radius of roughly 13 miles long and 1 mile wide, you'll find hidden gems that you just can't miss if you're traveling this summer.

Below you will find Johanna Bladhs five best island tips.

Mallorca sunset

Never in my life have I experienced a more beautiful sunset than the one at Byerum's raukar, with a view of the Blå Jungfrun island on the horizon. Taking a dip in the crystal clear water on the beach or by the rocks, and then watching the sun's rays color the horizon pink is incredibly beautiful - and I guarantee that no one will be able to tell if your Instagram photos taken here are from Öland or Mallorca!

Summer market with coziness factor 100

Do you want to stroll between sun-warmed, red fishing cabins with an ice cream in hand and taste Öland's delicacies while finding the occasional piece of jewelry or interior decoration? Then Byxelkrok harbor is something for you. Here, a smaller market is arranged in the stalls down by the water. Between 24-25 July the market will be arranged - don't miss planning into the calendar! PS Byxelkrok is close to Byrum - so why not take the opportunity to see the sunset on the way back?

Experience southern Öland - in the author's footsteps

If you like suspense and mystery, I highly recommend reading Öland author Johanna Mo's fiction books about made-up crimes on the island. After reading about the exciting work of police officer Hanna Duncker, we followed the book's footsteps last summer. We drove past beautiful Kleva, Gårdby, walked by the ancient monument next to the Möckelmossen rest area and had coffee in Grönhögen. Instead of an ordinary excursion, we experienced everything through the eyes of the story, which made the trip exciting and full of imagination. A hot tip for those who like stories!

Galettes in a picturesque backyard

Strolling in little Borgholm is a must for anyone who wants to experience a cozy summer town with picturesque houses. But perhaps the coziest experience was when we ordered lunch at Norrings Creperie, a fantastic little backyard of a shop where you can eat delicious, gluten-free galettes or crepes amidst fresh sage and beautiful flowers. A must for both you and your taste buds! Ps, there were good options for me as a vegetarian!

World-class sweets and bread

And speaking of food. If you are in northern Öland, you must not miss visiting Kaffestugan in Böda. Their small pastries, breads and pizzas are worth a little wait. The cafe has also been awarded the prestigious "White Guide" award, which means that Kaffestugan maintains "very good class". And that, my friends, I can attest to. I can now call myself a regular customer here after my frequent visits as soon as we are on the island.