the vessel m/s solsund sails past the öland bridge

M/S Solsund runs between Kalmar and Öland past the Öland Bridge. See the bridge up close and from a different perspective. In addition, there is the opportunity to listen to a guide who tells about the bridge and its history. Prawn sandwiches and drinks are sold on the boat and, of course, Solsund has full rights. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Departure Kalmar approx. 12.30 - Arrival at the ferry town approx. 13.30:XNUMX p.m. 
Departure Färjestaden approx. 14.00 - Arrival in Kalmar approx. 15.00 p.m.
Departure Kalmar approx. 15.30 - Arrival at the ferry town approx. 16:30 p.m. 
Departure Färjestaden approx. 18.00 - Arrival at the ferry town approx. 19.00 (plus lighting of torches, orchestra etc.) - Fully booked!
Departure Färjestaden approx. 20:00 - Arrival in Kalmar approx. 20:30. Not guided tour, only transport distance.

During all tours except the last tour, we get to take part in a guide who tells us about the Öland Bridge and the history behind it. 

Boarding in Kalmar takes place in Tullhamnen. Solsund lays next to Tullhuset, southwest of Kalmarsalen.
Boarding in Färjestaden takes place in Färjestaden's port. Solsund lays next to it, i.e. just north of Kalmarsund VIII.