The Öland Bridge celebrates 50 years!

On Friday, it's time to celebrate the proudest 50-year-old of the year – Öland's bridge! The anniversary is duly recognized on both sides of the strait, first at Kalmar Castle and then at Hamnplan in Färjestaden. HRH Crown Princess Victoria will be present at the celebration.

The ship Solsund cruises several times during the day across the strait with associated guidance about the Öland Bridge. At Hamnplan in Färjestaden, a huge schedule awaits during the afternoon with a fire show, street circus, art exhibition by the schools' students, concerts with local artists, the opportunity to see the bridge from above in a hot air balloon and much more. Crown Princess Victoria will visit the celebration at Hamnplan in Färjestaden when she will make the opening speech from the stage.

Öland Bridge at sunset

September 30

Ferry town port

The ferry town & squid

Öland Bridge at sunset

Nostalgia, music & community! 

Program & timetable

tour in Kalmarsund, between Kalmar and the ferry town

12:30 - 19:00

MS Solsund runs between Färjestaden, Ölandsbron and Kalmar. Guided tour of the bridge's history on board. Prawn sandwiches and drinks are available for purchase in the restaurant. Read more and book your ticket.


Kalmar Castle

13:00 - 15:00

Nostalgia meeting, photo exhibition and interviews at Kalmar Castle, HRH Crown Princess Victoria and Governor Peter Sandwall participate. Read more about the celebration at Kalmar Castle.


Harbor plan in the ferry town


At Kalmarsund VIII, serving with coffee is opened. Here you can also take part in a student exhibition, a film about the Kalmarsundsbolaget and nostalgic images from Gota Media. 

Create with clay for children on the theme of "building bridges" at Lotta & Mary in Färjestadens hamn.

14:00 - 18:30

Hot air balloon rides with a view of the Öland Bridge.

14:00 - 22:45

Hop on Hop off Bus between Färjestaden and Kastlösa. Read more about the buses on Öland's Harvest Festival website.

16:00 - 20:00

The celebration of Öland's bridge continues on the harbor plan in Färjestaden. Read more about the opening of the celebration.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria arrives at the harbor plan in the Ferry City and participates in the celebration.

Vehicles from 1972 arrive at the harbor area in Färjestaden where the nostalgia meeting continues. Read more about the nostalgia meeting.


HRH Crown Princess Victoria opens the celebration and speaks from the stage on the harbor level in Färjestaden.*
Fanfare and brass band.


Lennart Palm, who is the emcee for the day, tells curiosities about Öland's bridge and interviews people about the bridge's importance.

17:00 - 17:30

Don't miss the street circus for the whole family on the harbor square in Färjestaden.


Lennart Palm, continues to interview and talk about the bridge.

18:00 - 18:30

Football match between Kalmar FF Oldboys and Färjestaden GOIF's girls' and boys' teams born in 2011.


Brass band on the roof of the ship M/S Solsund.  


Fire installation by Edvin Böck in Färjestaden's harbour, lighting in vehicles and nightglow in the hot air balloons. 

Fire show on the ship M/S Solsund by IGNITED, take part in the show from the harbor plane.

Live music with the local bands Effy and Adée on the harbor level in Färjestaden.


*Exact times for HRH Crown Princess Victoria's participation may be adjusted.


Activities offered throughout the day!

Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition on the Ölandsbron at Kalmar Castle, until 6 November. Read more.

Nostalgia & Art Exhibition

At the harbor level in Färjestaden, quotes and stories from visitors and locals about the Öland Bridge will be displayed. Here you can also take part in an exhibition of school classes from Mörbylånga and Borgholm municipality, which exhibit their interpretation of Öland's bridge.

Öland's bridge pastry

Fredriks Bröd och Bakverk will be selling an Öland bridge cake, specially made for the celebration.

Anniversary items

Öland's tourism organization will sell five motifs in ten copies per motif in honor of the bridge's birthday. It can be bought at Lotta & Mary in Färjestaden and on the web. See all posters here.

Other initiatives from business

Turning courses, food and drink and much more.


Memories from the Öland Bridge

Oh, how many great memories we have of Öland's bridge and from the time when the bridge was built. If you want to share your memory, there is a book you can fill in at Kalmar Castle, which currently has a photo exhibition about the Öland Bridge. Read more about the exhibition. You can share more memories and stories on September 30 in Färjestaden's harbor. 

Öland Bridge 1972 - 2022

The six kilometer long bridge is not only a beauty experience. Öland's bridge is also a sensual preparation for "the unique country" where there are opportunities for recreation, entertainment and nature experiences.

  • It took four years and nine months to build the Öland Bridge. The builders worked around the clock, six days a week. On a single day, the work had to be canceled due to strong winds.
  • The bridge measures a maximum of 42 meters above the water surface and a minimum of 7 meters, and 22 meters below.
  • Each year, approximately 6 vehicles pass over the bridge. During the summer months, there can be upwards of 850-000 vehicles per day.
  • The bridge is 6.072 meters long and is designed to be able to move during temperature changes. The length of the Öland Bridge can differ by as much as 3,3 meters between summer and winter.
  • On September 30, 1972, the bridge was inaugurated by King Carl Gustaf, who was crown prince at the time.

The plan for a fixed connection, between Öland and the mainland, has existed for a long time and led to several parliamentary motions and investigations. The first concrete proposal was presented in 1932. However, it was not until November 18, 1966 that the government established a plan for the construction of large bridges, and this plan included the Öland Bridge. The first sod was broken on 30 December 1967 on the mainland and on 4 January the following year on Öland.

The bridge is Sweden's longest bridge, if you count the parts of the bridge that are on Swedish territory. The Öresund Bridge, which is longer in total, does not have its entire length in Sweden, but the part of the Öresund Bridge that is in Sweden is shorter than the Öland Bridge. 


The joint celebration is organized by Öland's Tourism Organization, Destination Kalmar, Öland's Harvest Festival, the business community and the two Öland municipalities.