Naturum Trollskogen

Naturum Trollskogen

Naturum Trollskogen is located on Öland's most north-eastern headland, at the gate to the Trollskogen nature reserve. Here there are exhibitions, guided tours and activities for young and old.

Many of the forest's trees are very old, 100-200 years. Crooked pines tormented by the sea winds twist into imaginative shapes. There are also firs and old oaks here.

You can do this:
In Naturum Trollskogen you will find exciting and educational information for the whole family about Öland's geology, flora, fauna and cultural history. In small red, former loggers' huts, several nature types that are typical for Öland are presented. On the eastern shore of the cape, you can see the wreck of the schooner Swiks, which ran aground in 1926.

A visit to a nature center is a good start to a tour of the Trollskogen nature reserve. In the nature room, you will also get tips on other nice excursion destinations in the area.

Guided tours
During the summer, guided tours are offered every day in nature rooms and in the Trollskogen nature reserve.