Trollskogen nature reserve.JPG

Nature reserve on Öland

Welcome to some of Öland's finest natural areas. Trollskogen, Neptuni fields, Vickleby elvar and Ottenby are four of the total of 75 nature reserves found all over Öland. A nature reserve is a way to protect and preserve valuable nature.

When a nature reserve is formed, the boundaries are marked by poles with a snow star on a blue background. An information board with a map describes the area's nature and sights in more detail.

Each nature reserve is unique and therefore has its own regulations to preserve natural values. The purpose of the nature reserve determines which restrictions apply. Signs inform about what applies when you visit nature reserves. You can also contact your municipality or county administrative board for information.

The variety is wide. There are beaches, broadleaf forests and agricultural landscapes. Here we have gathered up-to-date links with information about the reserves so that you can explore Öland's nature and find your own favorite spot.

The guide "Excursion guide in Kalmar län - Öland" can be downloaded from the tourist offices.