Night parking - Himmelsberga

At the Himmelsberga museum there is a parking lot where you can park overnight. At the museum you can take part in environments from the 1700th to the 1900th century and learn more about the cultural heritage as well as contemporary art, crafts and farming. Exhibitions are shown throughout the summer and the children are offered their own program with, among other things, hay jumping and animal feeding.
You who stay with the motor home overnight are welcome to support the museum by swishing SEK 50 or any amount of your choice and can then also use the toilets at the art gallery. During the day, the car park is primarily for museum visitors.

Water: No
Electricity: No
Toilet: No
Shower: No
Emptying latrine cassette: No
Emptying latrine fixed tanks: No
Drainage of gray water: No
Dustbin: No
Wi-Fi: No
Washing machine: No
Tourist Information: No