Crushed shampoo bottles and green laundry!

Finally we get to see each other. A warm welcome to a physical business and partner meeting on November 17 between 07:30-9:00 at Mormors Bistro in Stora Rör. In addition to mingling, you can listen to two inspiring Öland business trips with a focus on sustainability. We offer coffee and rolls.

Anton Aldentun, marketing and production manager at Öland's only listed company Polyplank will talk about their business and environmental journey, recycling process and what we can do to recycle plastic better in the future. Also listen

Lindbytvätten, the climate-smart laundry, which is celebrating 30 years. Their journey towards becoming a green laundry, how they work with energy and water consumption, chemicals and waste management.

Register below by November 12 at the latest.