Flea market at Stenladan
18 June 2021
Tips & Inspiration

Auction tips on Öland

The Second Hand range is large on Öland and there is a chance to find a bargain. In the urban areas there are larger shops run by well-known charities. The popular retro trend is noticeable in the selection in the smaller local second-hand shops. But of course every self-respecting village has its own local flea market. Öland is a flea market paradise and in the budding season the shops are filled and the customers are fewer than in the height of summer. Go on a flea safari and we promise it can be a fun adventure. Around 20 different flea markets are available to choose from, but as always opening hours can vary, so make it a habit to check this when you plan your excursion. Most flea markets have information and contact details on social media. The island's long tradition of farm auctions and well-established flea markets guarantees both quality, variety and fun.