The land of boxcars
The land of boxcars

The land of boxcars

Welcome to Lådbilslandet! Lådbilslandet in Löttorp in northern Öland is one of the island's biggest tourist attractions. Here you drive a real car in a built-up miniature town where the church stands in the middle of the village and with roads winding through the landscape.

The cars in Lådbilslandet have real engines and drive on paved roads with bridges, roundabouts and intersections. Get Lådbilslandet's own driver's license! You choose for yourself whether you want to drive a regular car, bus, police car, truck or the worst lorry with a trailer. Why not try them all?

For those who like Formula 1 competitions and racing, Lådbilslandet has two tracks, one for small and one for big children. There is also a motocross track. Here you can compete with your best friend on Lådbilslandet's three-wheeled motocross bikes.

If you are attracted by a slower pace, you should try Jordbrukslandet. Here you drive a tractor with different types of agricultural machinery in mini format. There is plenty of space and if it's your first time visiting Boxcar Land and want to try steering and accelerating before you hit the road by car, we recommend that you start your first boxcar drive here.

If you have running left in your legs or want to try something else between laps, there is an amusement park with merry-go-rounds, a bouncy castle and a playground. Not to forget the obstacle course that can take the breath out of the fittest. After the rigors of the obstacle course, it can be nice to rest for a while. A ride on the train or ferry with a raft across the dam together with friends are popular pastimes. You also don't want to miss the ice cream stand on a lovely holiday like this.

We are now abolishing the ticket system!
The entrance price includes everything - free rides in various box cars, tractors or rides with mini motocross. Each ride takes between 8 and 10 minutes depending on the choice – Boxcar Land, Agricultural Land or Minimotocross.

According to the test families who visited Lådbilslandet, this is well balanced for a 3-5 hour stay. Unlimited access to the play park, bouncy castle, carousel, train, rafts and adventure course.

At Lådbilslandet there is a main principle
- here it is the children who decide.

Lådbilslandet is best for children aged 2 to 10 years.