Kleva Nature House

Welcome to step into nature and relax to birdsong and the rustle of the trees. When you follow the path through the trees, two newly built A-houses hide at the other end. The houses are nestled at the edge of the forest, with large terraces and expansive views of Öland's landscape. Here you have the sky and the birds as your nearest neighbour. Because the small forest is allowed to rule as it wants, nature is wild and offers an abundant biological diversity.

Our two A-houses are hidden in the cozy village of Kleva, 500 meters from the sea and beach. Kleva is located in the World Heritage Site in the southwestern part of Öland, 15 km south of the Öland Bridge and 5 km north of Mörbylånga community.

The houses are intended for two people (but one also has room for three). Each house has its own kitchen, fridge and microwave, as well as crockery and what is needed to cook and feel good.

Both houses are 25 square meters in size, but have different furnishings:
HOUSE 1 has three beds: a 180 bed and a 90 bed in the loft.
HOUSE 2 has a 180 bed.
Guests share a common shower and toilet, located in a separate building between the houses.

The houses are rented weekly during the warm season to adults, i.e. no young people partying. Exchanges take place on Saturdays. Cleaning not included.