Jordtorpsåsen is believed to have formed as a seawall when the sea level was higher than it is today. In the reserve, which is located in the southwestern part of Mittlandskogen, the approximately two kilometer long Jordtorpsåsen, a marked ridge, stretches in an east-west direction through the landscape. From the Jordtorpsåsen nature reserve, a 4 km long hiking trail goes east to Gråborg.

Few places on Öland can compete with Jordtorpsåsen when it comes to ramble-friendly and varied nature, suitable for an excursion. The mighty ridge has been formed by the rise of ancient sea levels, when material was deposited in a seawall.

Next to Jordtorpsåsen, orchid species such as:

Forest night violet V. 25-28
Greenish-white night violet V. 22-31
Saint Peter's keys V. 18-26
Gunpowder burner V. 22-26
Meadow keys V. 22-31
Wax keys V. 22-26
Cuckoo keys V. 18-26
Johannesnyklar V. 18-26
Nasrot V. 22-31
Blood keys V. 22-31
Bride spur V. 22-31
Fly flowers V. 22-26
Karrkniprot V. 27-31
Forest keys V. 23-28
and Hunungsblomster V. 22-31

Note that the weeks are when the orchids usually bloom. Deviations may occur.