(Google Business, Google Analytics & Google Ads)
Date: 29/11. Location: Edith & Julia. Time: At 13:00-16:00.

We go through the possibilities of Google Business, Google Analytics and Google Ads - and how this world is connected. Learn how your website can rank higher on Google, how to interpret traffic on it and the benefits of Google Business and Google Maps. Exercise to get started with your first Google Ads, step by step. To the meeting, you must bring a computer, an active Google account, a place in Google Business, Google Analytics activated and a Google Ads account with a linked bank card. If you do not already have this, we will help you before the meeting.

The "Sewing Juntas" are held by Chrille Peterson from the company Sprint Works:
Chrille is a digital business developer and strategist, has a background in the advertising industry and runs the company Sprint Works since 2015. There he works with digital marketing for destinations, companies and destinations, currently for example Åre Sweden, Trakt Forest Hotel and Larsviken.