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Hike in the World Heritage, Stora Alvarleden

The Stora Alvarleden is an approx. 13 km long bikeable hiking trail that follows an old route across the Stora Alvaret, from Karlevi to Frösslunda and on to Resmo-/Stenåsavägen.

The hiking trail runs partly through the southern Karlevi nature reserve. Along the stretch, several of Stora Alvaret's different nature types and plant environments are represented. Up on a ridge, with a view of the vast expanses, lies the Präströr stonework with a remnant of limestone chips. A few kilometers after you pass the Mittmuren, you arrive at the old terraced village of Frösslunda. Next to the village, on a small ridge at the edge of the valley, are some beautiful limestone cellars. Just south of the village is Frösslunda moss, a shallow alvar lake with a rich bird life. The trail is marked with small cairns. Bicycles may need to be led on certain routes. At each end of the trail there is a parking lot with information boards.

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