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Feb 22 2022

Öland winter excursions

Combine your excursion to nice places with a visit to a café or a restaurant or why not take a break at a barbecue area. Here we offer eight excursion tips that you can take advantage of today. What will be your Öland spring pearl?


Excursion 1. 
Mörbylånga & Mörbylångaleden

Before you sit down and have a good coffee Öland's Söderbönor Café & Shop or enjoying a meal at Linda's Restaurant & Pizzeria at the square in Mörbylånga, there is much to discover in the roughly 200-year-old shopping mall. Mörbylånga has several beautiful streets with character from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The buildings between the sea and the square consist of period wooden houses with idyllic gardens. The hiking trail Mörbylångaleden, which is designated as one of Sweden's twelve signature trails, passes right through the community. Take the opportunity to take a hiking trip either south towards Risinge or north towards Sandbergen.

Barbecue area!
For those looking for a barbecue area to enjoy a picnic or your take away, there is one right next to the harbor in Mörbylånga, and just north of Köpingen you will also find a barbecue area in Nunnedalen and a swimming area at Kleva.



Excursion 2.
Byrum's raukar & Löttorp

Start your tour at Öland's finest rauk area in Byrum. Take the opportunity to walk around or climb around among a hundred or so rauks along the 600-metre-long strip of beach. Raukarna is right next to the road and there is also a parking space here. Byrum's raukar is the start of Horn's coastal path, which winds south along Kalmarsund. Continue your tour along the coastal road south down to Alvedsjöbodar. Here you enjoy the view at the beautiful little harbor with wooden boathouses. The ride then heads east for about half a mile with a stop Kalk kitchen & bar. Enjoy a well-prepared hamburger in fantastic surroundings. You can enjoy a classic confectionery at Löttorp pastry shop by the square. If, on the other hand, you're in the mood for body cookies, continue 7 km to the south Ninni's body cookie booth.

Barbecue area! In Löttorp you will find a newly built playground, Kotteparken, here there is also a barbecue area for those who wish to enjoy their food outside. Just north of Byrum's raukar, you will also find Ramsnäs' barbecue area with a view of Blå Jungfrun.


Excursion 3.
Dröstorp Ödeby & Gårdby

On the river just south of Gårdby lies a deserted village from bygone times. Here you can experience the ruins of the village of Dröstorp, which was abandoned at the end of the 1800th century. When the last Dröstorparen left at the end of the 1800th century, the wooden residential buildings were moved to Skarpa Alby and Smedsgärde, while the stone outbuildings were left behind. Today, house grounds, alleys, stone walls and a continuous field fence with plot boundaries remain. Dröstorp's deserted village is an exciting excursion destination in all seasons. Park the car at Skarpa Alby and walk the 2,8 km on the rugged alvar to the deserted village.

After your trip out in the open, you need a really good coffee. You can find it on Gårdby Café & Country Store, about 6,5 km from the deserted village. Also take the opportunity to pay a visit to a chocolate maker Miss Frankenstein on the same village street.

Barbecue area!
For those of you who want to gather family and friends outdoors with plenty of space, we can recommend the Hjulbo rest area, which is located just south of Gårdby.


Excursion 4.
Castle Forest & Borgholm

An excursion in Borgholm offers both city, forest, elves, castle and sea. Start your tour along Strandvägen at the cold bath house next to the harbour. Here you pass the palatial villas of the seaside resort before the road continues inside the forest along the coast. Next to Strandvägen is the Borgholm lighthouse and the bomb crater from the Second World War. Follow the signs up towards Kaffetorpet and Solliden. There is a good play stop here for those who want to ride the cable car or slide. The tour then continues via Alvaret past Borgholm Castle. Take the opportunity to walk around the stately ruin and look out over Kalmarsund. Then return to Borgholm via the Wardrobe Stairs down to the Castle Forest. If there is more play in the body, the toy ship Barbara is down in the harbor waiting for little pirates.

Borgholm has many places to eat all year round. If you want coffee, you can choose the classic New Confectionery, cozy The bean on the corner or new ones Stone oven bakery OlofOld Televerket, Sören's Restaurant & Bar, Heaven Good and Borgholm Kitchen & Bar serves lunch and dinners, The brasserie stands for evening and nighttime Wednesday to Saturday. If you instead fancy galettes and crêpes, we would like to advise you Norring's Crêperie. If you want body cookies, so be it Eva's Body Cookies, which is 8 km north of Borgholm, which applies.

Barbecue area!
Even in Borgholm there are barbecue areas for those who wish. You will find one at Sjöstugan in the outer harbor and the other at the mountain bike track in Borgholm.


Excursion 5.
Gråborg & Ferry City

Welcome to step right into history! Gråborg is Öland's largest ancient castle and also one of Sweden's largest facilities of its kind. The castle was built during the Iron Age and was used as a defense facility right up until 1677 in the war against the Danes. This impressive facility, where the castle wall encloses an area of ​​210x160 meters, is always open to visitors. By the castle is a chapel ruin, St. Knut's chapel, and a little further away you will find a barbecue area. hiking trail, Mittlandsleden, goes past the castle i Mittlandskogen and connects Gråborg with i.a Ismantorp castle and Rönnerum's ancient village.

After the historical excursion, there are many places to eat. 7 km away Arontorps Body Cakes & Food which also offers drive-in. A further 2 km down in Färjestaden is located Hotel Skansen Restaurant which is open for lunch and dinner all year round. Down in the harbor there is a trattoria, a simpler restaurant, viz Öland's Choklad Hamncafé. Also take the opportunity to buy some good bread or yummy pastries from Fredrik's Bread & Pastries in the port or Patisserie Fiesta which is a little further up the main street. 

Barbecue area!
As we mentioned, there is a barbecue area at Gråborg and St. Knut's Chapel. If you want a barbecue near Färjestaden, there are three to choose from, namely Möllstorp's dam, Färjestaden's dam and Grövle grillplats.


Excursion 6.
Rällaskogen, Stora Rör & Ekerum

Bring the whole family to Rällaskogen and set out together on pine-scented forest paths. This is a popular outdoor area with wonderful hiking, biking and jogging trails. The forest area lies along the western land castle and has a height difference of, for Öland, a breathtaking 25 meters. Don't be surprised when you arrive at a large limestone vault right by the country castle in the pine forest. Inside there is an individual burial place surrounded by a wall that was built in 1932 by landowner Emil Persson at Rälla farm.

From here you then make your way 4 km down to Stora Rör's harbour. Here holds Grandma's Stone Oven Bakery & Coffee House open all year round and serves delicious cardamom buns and good coffee. If you'd rather go north, you can eat well at Halltorps Guest House or at Ekerum Resort, here you can find both restaurant and pizzeria year round.

Barbecue area!
In the harbor in Stora rör there is a barbecue area for those who want to meet friends and family outdoors and 3 km south you will find another barbecue area, namely at Borgmästarviken, Ispe Udde.


Excursion tips 7.
Trollskogen, nature reserve and hiking trails

At the far end of Öland's north-eastern headland is the nature reserve Trollskogen, an old coniferous forest characterized by grazing that really lives up to its name. Gnarled pines and old rough oaks grow here. The magical feeling is enhanced by all the ivy that climbs on the ground and over tree trunks. 

In Trollskogen there are three color-marked hiking trails. The Trollskogsstigen is 4,5 kilometers long, with red markings, and takes you around the entire cape. The nature trail, where rocks and roots make up the ground, takes you around the headland and lets you pass oak trees with Trolleken at the top, the cobblestone beach of the Baltic Sea, Iron Age graves, the wreck of the schooner Swiks, the Hjerteskeppet, the hunting wall, the windswept pines and the beach meadows of Grankullaviken. The ivy trail, a stroller-friendly 2,7-kilometer trail with yellow markings, leads you past trees completely embedded in ivy and along the shore meadows of Grankullaviken. Part of the trail also goes through forest that was cultivated and replanted by the pilot who lived and worked out on the cape. The Knysselnackestigen, an accessible loop of 1 kilometer with blue markings starts in the forest just behind the Trollskogen nature center. The first section goes through the forest down to the beach meadow at Grankullaviken. The beach meadow can be flooded at high tide and it follows the beach meadow and then meanders along the edge of the forest towards Grankullaviken. The last part goes on the old railway embankment from the forest railway. 

Barbecue area!
Adjacent to the area, next to the parking lot, there is a rest house where you have the opportunity to gather energy before your hike or to rest your legs after the tour. There is also the possibility to grill at the barbecue area. 


Excursion tips 8.
Eketorp, ancient castle & hiking trail

Eketorp castle, the southernmost of Öland's ancient castles, not only allows you to take part in the fully excavated ancient castle where the wall and houses have been recreated directly on the ancient site, but also extensive views in all directions over the open Alvar lands. Discover the castle, which is accessible all year round, and then stroll along the Eketorpsleden, a 1,6 km long hiking trail on the plain west of Eketorps Castle. The trail runs through pastures and is marked with small cairns. 

Barbecue area!
Adjacent to the ancient castle, there is a landscaped barbecue area where you can enjoy your picnic, as well as a wind shelter that allows you to rest for a while before or after the short trip along the Eketorpsleden. Barely a mile north of Eketorp, there is also a barbecue area at Seby location, a fantastically nice place next to the water with coastal meadows and shallow beaches, perfect for those who want to combine the excursion with bird watching.