Farm shop - Hellbergs Lin

Farm shop - Hellbergs Lin

Hellbergs Lin - Swedish cold-pressed linseed oil - grown & pressed on Öland

About flax
Flax is an ancient cultivated plant. Cultivated already by the pile builders in Switzerland. Oil seeds that are cold-pressed produce an oil of the highest quality, and are also called virgin oil.

Environmentally friendly - A natural product that does not contain solvents or other additives.

High impregnation capacity
Cold-pressed linseed oil is thin and thus has a high penetration capacity.

water repellent
Due to 100% linseed oil content.

Quick dried

Swedish linseed oil has a high linolenic acid content, which reduces the drying time.

Areas of use
Unpainted wood can be primed and finished. Gives a lovely natural patina to carpentry, handicrafts, household items, rifle butts, etc.

Painted wood can be "refreshed" and given a better primer when the paint is removed.

Stone - brick, clinker and stone slabs can be surface treated. Then becomes darker and gets a dirt- and water-repellent surface.

Iron - Treat forged parts, railings, tools, fittings, hinges, etc. Excellent as rust protection.

Paint shop
Production of linseed oil paint with earth pigments.