Gårdby Slöjd

Crafts from the Middle Ages to the present! Gårdby Slöjd is located in southern Öland, where we have our workshop and shop. We who work are Thomas Davidsson and Gertrud Lüning Davidsson. We take our inspiration from medieval crafts and traditional Swedish handicrafts.

We work in many different techniques, such as carving, turning, carving, hobo work, felting, needle binding, embroidery and sewing. To reduce the environmental impact, we mainly use natural materials such as wood, wool, linen, linseed oil, iron wire and leather. In accordance with craftsmanship tradition, we reuse materials when appropriate. Our aim is that our craft products should be durable and functional - but also beautiful. As desire, inspiration and availability of materials change, our range will also be changing and varied.