Sheep safari
  • 25 June
  • Mittlandsgården
  • Fr. 95

Sheep safari at Mittlandsgården

Join the shepherd Caroline on an experience out of the ordinary. Together with the knowledgeable nature guide, you are invited to come into close contact with both animals and nature in the middle of Öland.

After the gathering at Mittlandsgården, we go together to a pasture. There we do an easy hike (about 1 km) through a pasture in the Midland Forest. Hear about nature and see life in the pond. Get to know the superpowers of trees and meet Sweden's largest beetle. If you want, you can also feed the sheep out of your hand. In a light-hearted way, the present is mixed with selected pieces of Öland's exciting history. Together we create memories to take home.

The guide is suitable for both children and adults. Clothing for outdoor activity. So rather gym shoes than sandals and a rain jacket if it rains. Because the ground is uneven, you cannot bring a pram/walker. The dog can also stay at home.

Length 1,5 hours

Price SEK 95 per person over 2 years.

Book here
location by selecting the desired date. Book a place for each person over 2 years old. Children under the age of 2 are welcome - write a message.

Öland Sprouts 19-12 May
Every Tuesday-Thursday from 2024-06-25 to 2024-08-08
Always at 10.00-11.45
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Voices from the guide:

"Can you be too interested in nature? Linnéa 6 years"
"Caroline is a spellbindingly talented nature guide! Wish that everyone could experience a trip in Öland's nature and the different seasons of the Mittlandskogen with her." Ellen
“Genuine experience. We went on a sheep safari and it was really nice”
"fantastic guiding among sheep and lambs is recommended" Peter
"Very nice small farm with interesting and cozy guided tours (the farm's crops and lamb safari). Amazingly good fresh honey!”
"So good that the children get to learn about nature! Mother Mona"
"A summer without a sheep safari at Mittlandsgården is no summer. Cuddling with the sheep has become a bit of a tradition.” the Ek family

About the guide
Caroline Kindblom Landtmanson, trained biologist, certified nature guide, island guide and certified forest bathing guide, guides. She has solid knowledge of nature and the landscape and presents it in an easy and pleasant way. Therefore, hiking together with Caroline gives many aha experiences. You will also get many memories to take home. Each guided tour is unique and adapted to the participants, regardless of age, interests and prior knowledge. You can book a private tour with your family or colleagues. Contact Caroline at [email protected].

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25 June 10:00 - 11: 30
26 June 10:00 - 11: 30
27 June 10:00 - 11: 30
2 July 10:00 - 11: 30
3 July 10:00 - 11: 30
4 July 10:00 - 11: 30
9 July 10:00 - 11: 30
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11 July 10:00 - 11: 30
16 July 10:00 - 11: 30
17 July 10:00 - 11: 30
18 July 10:00 - 11: 30
23 July 10:00 - 11: 30
24 July 10:00 - 11: 30
25 July 10:00 - 11: 30
30 July 10:00 - 11: 30
31 July 10:00 - 11: 30
1 August 10:00 - 11: 30


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