Rent out your accommodation via Öland's tourist office &

We at Öland's Tourist Office provide accommodation, such as private cabins, hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels, camping and cottage villages.

Öland's tourist office offers

Personal service all year round and good local knowledge.
Marketing of the private accommodation nationally and internationally.
All information about the accommodation is translated into English.  
Administrative and practical work around the rental, from booking and payment to presentations on the website.
Personal visits and inspections
Key service

booking and payment 

Brokerage of rental properties takes place online at or via the call center (Öland's Tourist Office). The landlord is notified via email at each booking. The guest pays their rent in advance, and the rental compensation is paid to the owner on the Wednesday of the week following the guest's arrival day. We also offer a hosting guarantee. You are guaranteed your rental income in case of late cancellation, for example in case of illness. 


After an inspection of the rental object, we will return with a price proposal. The price is based on factors such as standard and location. We then add a brokerage fee to the price paid to the customer.

rental period 

Your accommodation must be able to be rented out for at least 3 weeks during the period week 27-32. The accommodation can be available for both daily rental as well as shorter and longer periods.

the rental object 

We only accept accommodation located on Öland. Furthermore, the rental properties must be of a good standard, i.e. with their own shower and toilet as well as a kitchen. The landlord must inspect the rental property between each guest.


If you are interested in renting out your cabin or apartment, you are welcome to contact us at Öland's Tourist Office.

Phone: 0485 888 00 XNUMX
E-mail: [email protected].