Kastlösa Glass Cabin on Öland
18 June 2021
Tips & Inspiration

The glass round

There is no shortage of cultural experiences on Öland during the golden season. A large number of craft studios and artisans are open. Here you get tips on glass experiences from north to south during autumn. Take the opportunity to make one or more stops with a cafe or restaurant visit on the way.

Glass Gallery Beautiful things

See the gallery's website for opening hours. It is also possible to book private appointments at 070-653 89 96.
Find Västra Kyrkogatan 24, Borgholm.

At Borgholm square you will find the gallery and shop Vackra Ting with unique and limited art glass by Orrefors and Kosta Boda's top designers; Bertil Vallien, Kjell Engman, Anna Ehrner, Lena Bergström and more.

Vida Museum & Art Hall

See Vidas website for opening hours.
Find Landsvägen Halltorp, Borgholm.

At VIDA there are two permanent museum halls, three larger and one smaller art hall, a children's corner and a shop, all on a total of 2000 square meters. At VIDA we can always take part in the two permanent exhibitions by Bertil Vallien and Ulrica Hydman Vallien. In addition to them, we can take part in October, November and December Per Fagers exhibition and the Artrium gallery where several different artists exhibit. 


Gallery the Glass Box

Open for visits, call to make an appointment 073 536 00 59
Find out Storgatan 13, Mörbylånga.

In the heart of Mörbylånga is the glass artist Betina Huber's gallery. Take part in her art glass, lamps and jewelry by making an appointment for a personal opening of the gallery.

Castless Glass Cabin

See the glass cabin website for opening hours. 
Find Kastlösa 140, Mörbylånga.

In the glass cabin, which opened its doors in 2000, you meet Poul Jörgensen and Lena Olsson. Their self-designed glass for decoration and for practical purposes is made on site according to old, Swedish craftsmanship.

Oldergaard Glass Cabin

See Oldergaards website for opening hours. 
Find Oldergaards Glashytta. 

In Triberga on this cozy old family farm dating back to the 1800th century, the artist Robert Oldergaarden runs the glass cabin. Here you can see live glassblowing and view art glass in the gallery as well as glass in the glass shop. You can also try glassblowing yourself during a glassblowing course. You can also view handmade jewellery/sculptures & paintings.