29 June 2021
Ten day trip treasures

Day trip treasure 5. Borgholm

What makes an excursion really successful? Do you sometimes feel a little stressed that the holiday feels short and you want to catch up with as much as possible? In addition, everyone in the holiday party should feel satisfied. An equation that is not always easy to solve. No matter what you want to do most of all, we can promise that the excursions we recommend provide memories for life.

Hotel Borgholm Restaurant
Cycling in Borgholm


A trip to Borgholm can offer both town life, forest, alvar, castles and the sea. Start your tour along Strandvägen, with Kallbadhuset at the marina. You will see the grand seaside mansions from the former resort era before the road continues into the Slottsskogen forest along the seashore. Strandvägen will lead you past Borgholm's lighthouse and the bomb crater from the Second World War. Follow the signs towards the Kaffetorpet café and Solliden Palace. The palace park is open to visitors from May-September. Your tour continues across the alvar to Borgholm Castle. Take time to peer out over the Kalmar Strait. The castle is open to visitors from April to September. Return via the Garderobstrappan, a set of steep steps leading down through the Slottsskogen forest to Borgholm.

The town's range of small niche shops in combination with cozy cafés and quality restaurants make Borgholm a popular destination through much of the year. The marina is full of leisure boats during the summer and offers easily accessible quays and piers to stroll along. Borgholm also has a few central beaches, such as the ones at Kapelludden and Sjöstugan. Kallbadhuset - the open-air swimming baths at the marina - is open during the summer months and the indoor swimming pool at Kapelludden is open all year round.

Borgholm's history as a popular bath and spa resort started as early as 1864. The fresh Öland air was considered to be particularly wholesome. Guests came from all over Sweden, usually on one of the steamboats that operated between Stockholm and 

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Borgholm Castle

 Scandinavia's most beautiful castle ruins, as it is sometimes called, dates back to the 12th century and was a strategically important defense facility until the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658.

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Solliden Palace

This Italian-inspired estate has been the Swedish royal family's summer residence since Queen Victoria moved into the palace in 1906.

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Bust of Queen Victoria

On the moor south of Borgholm Castle, King Gustav V 1938 trip a bust in memory of his wife, Queen Victoria. The bust is almost six meters high and made of granite.


Charles XV's Hunting Stone

Hunting has been conducted on Öland as a royal hobby since the time of the Vasa kings. The hunting stone and mound were erected in 1873 in memory of the three hunts organized by King Karl XV. Röset is located by Borgholm Castle's car park.


Queen Victoria's Rest Home

Queen Victoria acquired the royal demesne's former manor house in 1922 and the rest home received its first guests two years later. The beautiful park garden was created in the mid-19th century.


The Nightingale Trail

Between the hunting stone and the rest home, a beautiful path winds along the castle slope. After a few minutes walk you will meet Öland's first holiday home, Vita villan, from 1862.