Gelato in Byxelkrok
10 May 2022

Ice Cream & Candy Round

For many, perhaps the holiday season is the opportunity to enjoy a little extra of life's good and sweet. Öland has several first-class food craftsmen who make sweets and ice cream to brighten up your holiday days here on our island.

Kaffestugan in Böda and Gelato & Bisquits in Sandvik & Byxelkrok

Kaffestugan in Böda manufactures and sells its own gelato during the high season. In their gelateria in Byxelkroks and Sandviks harbour, you can enjoy real ice cream in a wonderful Öland environment. They offer a flavor-intensive Italian ice cream made from natural ingredients such as milk, fruit, berries and sugar. In Byxelkrok you can also take part in their self-made soft ice cream and milkshake. With Öland milk from Österbo farm in Dödevi, it will be as local as it can get.

Öland ice cream, Borgholm

Ölandsglass offers its own production since 1987. They manufacture and sell fresh ice cream of the highest quality with natural raw materials without additives of flavors and preservatives. They make ice cream and sorbets by hand and on site. Öland's ice cream only uses natural ingredients, such as home-cooked elderberry juice in elderberry sorbets.

Caramel Kokeri Bredsättra

The caramel cookery in Bredsättra has been a unique excursion destination since 2010. Experience old-fashioned crafts and buy the caramels in the charming old school building. Karamellkokeriet also offers a sugar museum about the history of sugar with old tools, school posters and films. During high season, a garden café, soft ice cream and caramel making are offered.

Öland's Choklad Färjestaden

ÖlandsChoklad offers handmade chocolate and ice cream. In the factory in Färjestaden, they produce exclusive, handmade pralines and Italian ice cream based on the finest chocolate and ingredients. They offer pralines in about 19 different flavors throughout the year. In the café you can also find other pastries with chocolate such as cake and chocolate pie. You can both visit the craft café where the production takes place but also the café located in Färjestaden's harbour.

Miss Frankenstein, Gårdby

With a passion for chocolate, taste and color, handmade pralines, chocolate cakes, brackets and cakes are made in the small chocolate factory in Gårdby on eastern Öland. By using good ingredients, imagination and curiosity, chocolate products are created that are good and visually beautiful. They are packed, presented and sold in hand-folded boxes and covers. Their flavors are experimented with curiosity and joy, sometimes with local ingredients from Öland!