Southern Öland

In the south, you will see the expansive agricultural landscape, fertile lands, a patchwork of fields with different crops, as well as the barren alvar. A number of hiking trails enable you to discover this steppe at your own pace. It will fascinate you to see how much life exists on this surface of almost entirely limestone. This thin layer of soil that covers Öland's bedrock provides a habitat for wild herbs, orchids, birds and other animals. These wide open spaces will captivate anyone and the peace and quiet is like balm to the soul. It may not surprise you that Southern Öland is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites. The town of Färjestaden near the bridge is the central hub. The market town of Mörbylånga lies only 15 km south of Färjestaden. This traditional industrial community offers shops, hotels and restaurants. Leaving the towns behind, you can gaze out over nature's vast expanses, follow the eastern coastal road through old fishing communities and discover bathing beaches, farm shops, restaurants and local handicraft shops. Southern Öland is also famous for its rich bird life. Perhaps it is the natural environment along the inviting coastline that attracts birds after a long flight from Northern Africa. Or maybe they enjoy the more relaxed pace that prevails here.

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